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We are human, just like you, and we know how important self-worth is to a person, which is why we offer a range of packages for both everyday people to public figures.

If we don't have the right package for you, please let us know and we will create a bespoke package just for you ^_^


Your Story

Your Family's Story

Your Church's Story


Your Story

Your Story

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Portrait Photo-Shoots


Sometimes we just need to see ourselves look as spectacular as we feel.


1-1-1 Films

Looking to make a video to showcase your life, impact those around you or maybe you want to leave a message for yourself as an encouragement piece.

All you need to get this done is 1 Hour;

For a 1 Min Video;

Of 1 Person - you!!

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Digital Design

Looking to bring yourself into the digital world?

Would you like to have yourself a lovely graphic design image of a message you want to portray to the world? Or may be you would love a beautiful illustration of yourself or a loved one?

So why not leave it to us; we'll make your ideas come to life.

Your Website/Blog

We believe in freedom of speech; and everybody has a story to tell.

We would like to help you create that platform to start telling your story - and don't worry, we will make sure to build only the foundation, we'll leave the story telling to you.

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Your Family's Story

Your Family's Story

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Family Photo-Shoots

Immortalise you most memorable moments with your family & loved ones, with images that capture how you truly felt in the moment.

We aim for each Family photo shoot to be suited to your family’s dynamic and as candid as possible to make sure there are no forced emotions or actions – and to help with that, we let you pick the location you would all love to be photographed in.

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Your Church's Story

Your Church's Story

Ever told your friends and family just how amazing your Church is, but maybe your Church might be lacking in up to date images, or maybe you just want to revamp their website/social media pages.

Then we have amazing news for you!!

We now offer Church service packages to showcase just what happens in your Church.

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Church Photography

Capture your Chruch's services and events in all its glory.

Promo Video

Looking to advertise you Churhc on the internet or through social media? Then let's get your promo video started!!

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Online Presence

Jump into this new age of media and prep your Church with the right social media platforms and a fantastic website to attract all types of people.

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Graphic Design

Need ideas for your Church's logos, Posters or Flyers?

Then look no further!!

We ensure each design not only follows your Church's theme, but also portrays the message you want to send across immediately.